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cRIO/FPGA on a budget

Hello Community,

I want to begin training with cRIO and FPGA for use on a new (currently) non commercial feasibility project. I have a shoestring budget and it appears the only affordable option for me is to buy a second hand cRIO FPGA unit and A2D module plus others as required. My company purchased a full labview license back in 2004 and I understand it will allow download of Labview RT allowing for a cRIO chassis connection.


Is it possible to do the above, does NI licensing allow cRIO hardware to be re-registered to another company? I am open to other possibilities for example leasing a suitable unit. Training to use cRIO/FPGA is important for me as It will add to my hardware experience, I understand there is a cRIO/FPGA evaluation kit but it is discontinued. Would it be ok to purchase an old one then re-register as the owner and connect with Labview RT?


In a nutshell, I would like to find options and understand the path to acquiring a basic but fully operational Labview RT/cRIO/FPGA system.

Any guidance/advice appreciated. Thanks



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Chris - not sure about re-registering second hand equipment, but I expect it is possible. One thing you should be aware of, is that if you only have access to a very old version of LabVIEW you will need to check it is compatible with the version of NI-RIO (the real-time firmware on the cRIO) and what version of NI-RIO a specifc CRIO hardware supports:

For example - see these (you may need to find something mentioning older versions):


And this one - where you can select your cRIO system to see what sw is compatible:


Hope this hekps




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