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cRIO Device Alias

Is it possible to derive the IP address from a cRIO alias name that appears in a cRIO device ring control?



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Are you trying to determine the IP address from a remote machine?


Real-Time Target System Replication has a vi that can find all RT targets.  Its called "Find All".

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That did the trick, thanks.  I am working on a Configuration Management Utility that will allow me to manage a distributed system with 9 cRIO targets.  I want to have

a ring control to allow the user to select any cRIO on the network.  I need to obtain the IP address so that config files can be ftp'd to the target of choice.

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One thing I did notice about the Find All Targets vi is that the 'Status' Field does not seem to be working.  It always contains

the Model Name instead of the actual status.

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Thanks for reporting this. We have added it to be fixed in the System Replication tools (#127669). In the mean time the RT Ping Controllers VI (Real-Time palette) does return the status information and can be used to get a list of current RT targets on the network. It does not return quite as much other information as the Find All Targets VI.


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