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cRIO 9148 with VILogger

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I have a NI 9148 and a computer with Labview and VILogger installed that currently works with a SCXI chassis.

I want to know how to use the NI9148 with this computer.

What software/drivers are needed, step by step instructions would be very helpful.


Thank you.

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You can find the compatible software to use with your NI 9148 here: Software Support for CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, Single-Board RIO, R Series, and EtherCAT 

More information also available here: What Software Do I Need to Program My cRIO? and here: Install NI Software for Your CompactRIO System 


Since this is a RIO device, I don't expect it will work with VI Logger (I have not tried though since I have never used said software). If you consider using LabVIEW instead, I recommend reading: LabVIEW for CompactRIO Developer's Guide 


All the best,

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We currently use VILogger 1.1.1 and from what I understand, the cRIO 914x, 915x and cDAQ allow access to installed modules from DAQmx.  Last week I installed a cDAQ and it is present in DAQmx, but VILogger 1.1.1 does not work with DAQmx.  According to National Instruments website, VILogger 2.0.1 does, but they no longer have a link to download it.  Several years ago we tried using Signal express, but it was unstable and kept crashing.  We got the runaround with " you need certain versions of this or that, but after a couple of weeks we gave up. Trying to painlessly transition to newer hardware without having to learn new software.  Everyone here is proficient with VILogger.  Thanks for your input.



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Hello Michael,


I can see your concern, it's unfortunate that VI Logger is no longer developed. However, I think the best bet is to adopt a solution such as FlexLogger with DAQmx devices. Moreover, I think a conversation with your NI account manager or support (if you have an active service contract) can be useful to explore the best option to move forward with the equipment you already have.


To add more information regarding your setup:


All the best,

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Sorry I got the model number wrong,  I'm new to the compact chassis, and our engineer always referred to them as cRIO and wrote elaborate Labview software for dedicated purposes.  They all look the same to me, but we also have cDAQ 9178 chassis that we will be using for VI Logger.  Finally solved everything.  Needed NIDAQmx 15.0 and VI Logger 2.0.1.  Now works fine.



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