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cRIO-9082 and expansion 9146 with LV2013 - Want to upgrade to LV2018-2020.

I can't really find any detailed compatibility information in the white pages, at least nothing that suggest I can't upgrade.  From reading various forum topics, it seems upgrading won't be an issue as others appear to be running newer version of LV and the cRIO-9082.  Having said that I want to take a conversative approach.  


I have a cRIO-9082 (populated with 9208, 9205, 9426, 9477, 9870 modules) and an expansion chassis 9146 (9208, 9264, 2 by 9477 modules).  The code was developed in LV2013, RT+FPGA.  


Currently I am working in LabVIEW 2018 (RT+FPGA) mainly with UI development and sbRIO boards.  I really prefer LV2018 environment relative to 2013.  Our client is requesting a series of upgrades to the system, mainly software related.   


Does anyone anticipate any issues in upgrading the software on the 9082 and 9146 to make them work happily with LabVIEW 2018 and beyond? 


Thanks for you time. 


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