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cRIO-9074 software

I have cRIO-9074 with following modules:

- NI-9421(1) – 7 safety signals from inductive sensors according of position of DFWD units;

- NI-9421(2) – 5 safety signals from inductive sensors according of position of DFWD units and “start” signal;

- NI-9472(1) – 8 commands signals for motors and hydraulic valves;

- NI-9472(2) – 3 commands signals for motors and hydraulic valves, 1 signal “live’;

- NI-9411 – 1 input of DFS60 distance encoder, 1 input of PT1E lifting load encoder;

- NI-9205(1) – 12 analog signals of accelerometers;

- NI 9205(2) – analog signal from temperature sensor’s;

- NI-9263 – 1 precision output for electromagnetic valve.

And what software am I need to install on it to get data from thet modules with FPGA program?

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Most applications you can simply use the Recommended Software Set (especially when just getting started)! If you get to the point that you need more customization/software, you can always install more software on the controller. 

Here's a good guide for installing the recommended software set to a cRIO:

If you're new to CompactRIO, I would highly recommended keep the CompactRIO Developer's Guide on hand

You can also get a feel for how to communicate with your modules using the built-in LabVIEW examples (Open LabVIEW, go to Help >> Find Examples. In the Example Finder that opens, navigate to Hardware Input and Output >> CompactRIO >> Module Specific IO. In that directory, you should find many examples for your modules.)

Hope this helps you get started!

R Dahlman

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