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I have a question.

Sme time ago I did 2 version of real-time program for cRIO-9072 . First one was  with remote control from PC(has some problem as it crashes once a day) another one wasfor Web based remote control. I still do have both versions on my Project. Unfortunately the cRIO-9072 based system was shipped a long time ago, so I do not have an access to it with PC that have fully installed LabView.

The question is is there a way to install executable on cRIO-9072 so that it would run on startup without using LabView?

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Hello Sergey,


I believe this may be possible but only if you already have the executable in hand.

Have you already created the executable within your project?


I hope to hear from you soon,

Kind Regards,

Michael S.
Applications Engineer
NI UK & Ireland

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Yes I did already created exe file in my project.

I actually installed it on cRio but then installed another one, so probably it is still on my cRIO.

Wahta are the ways to do it active?

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Accepted by Sergey(Micropore)

Hi Sergey,


Good afternoon and I hope your well today.


The startup VI is placed at  ftp://<IP ADDRESS>/ni-rt/startup/


If you have the RT exe which was built by the project you can ftp it (manually) or in MAX to the target.


For better information please see the following Knowledgebase article,


Configuring Startup VIs on LabVIEW Real-Time Targets


Please read the note warning too. Remember that it is recommended to use LabVIEW and select startup VI - but I understand this isn't an option. 


Please let me know if the links helps,


Kind Regards
James Hillman
Applications Engineer 2008 to 2009 National Instruments UK & Ireland
Loughborough University UK - 2006 to 2011
Remember Kudos those who help! 😉
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