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cRIO 9055 General Use Question

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Hello all,


Recently I've been working with a cRIO 9055 and I'm not entirely sure about how it's meant to be implemented.

To clarify, I've looked over different tutorials \ forum threads \ user manuals \ etc., but I can't seem to figure out if there's a way to directly connect a monitor to the cRIO itself (along with other devices such as a mouse and keyboard), or if a host computer is effectively necessary in order to operate it.


For context, the project I'm building requires the cRIO run in a hybridized mode with FPGA modules and a real time scanning module operating simultaneously. I was trying to better understand if I could simply deploy the code to the cRIO, have it launch an application on start up, and then work with it using a mouse \ keyboard \ monitor all directly connected to it versus needing a host computer to monitor the software execution.


I was originally thinking that the console port out would be able to provide a display, but the more I've read through the manual - that just seems to be an option to connect to a host PC so someone could make configuration changes there.


The host port also seems like it's just a way of adding peripheral USB devices like storage, a keyboard, etc.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something? I'm referencing this manual below:


Any help would be appreciated.

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Accepted by topic author Evan_Mi

There is a feature known as the embedded UI, but unfortunately not supported on cRIO-905x.

Which NI Real-Time Targets Support Embedded UI?

While cRIO-905X models do have x64 chipsets, these specific models do not have integrated graphics so embedded UI is not an option on these targets. 

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