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cRIO 9055 Communication via Device \ Console Port

Hello all,


Context: I am running a cRIO 9055 with 9210, 9216, and 9870 modules (all in real-time scanning mode). Because this model of cRIO doesn't have embedded UI, it is my understanding that I need a program from a host PC to communicate with it if I'm looking to have any form of human machine interface (HMI).


Issue: Currently I am trying to look into different means of communicating with this particular cRIO from a host program other than using a USB to Ethernet adapter with shared network variables.The deployment of the shared variable engine, shared network variables, aliasing them (host to cRIO), and having their communication not interfered with via firewall have all proved to be a bit of a headache for what I was hoping would be a fairly simple process when generating an executable. 


I had thought (perhaps naively), that connecting directly to the device's console \ device port via USB-C to USB-A might be an alternative way of doing so and grant me a VISA resource that I could communicate with in order to receive data being acquired by the various modules in the cRIO. As a result, I see this in MAX:




Can any meaningful information be gathered from the cRIO when it is configured like this?

Any references or general advice would be appreciated.

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