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Real-Time Measurement and Control

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cRIO-9053 Send Data TCP

Hello Community:


Actually I have developed a FPGA system that reads 4 channels at 51.2 Ks/S those values I shoudl send through TCP to a TCP server in a Jetson nano programmed with Python.


Actually this is happening I am able to send a string with the values, BUT for sure I am not reaching the sampling that I need, I must sent the 51.2 Ks per channel.


Actually I have developed a producer-consumer script. The producer reads the 4 channels and transform the values in strings and put in a FIFO that is cosumed by the second part. 

The cosumer also send that info using TCP write module.


But I thing the TCP can not handle the speed of the loop.


Anyone knows a better aproach.?



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