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cRIO-9045 NI Linux RT Image

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I'm doing some remote testing with a cRIO-9045. I'm working on writing some Python programs that will run on the cRIO utilizing the Linux image that runs on that device.  I'd like to set up a test environment so I can do programming without having an actual cRIO-9045 in front of me (the real device is in another state).


If I wanted to create a Virtual Machine (VM) that used the same Linux OS as the cRIO-9045, is that possible? Is there an ISO of the actual NI Linux R image?


If there isn't an available ISO, which Linux distro is NI Linux R based on? Or which Linux distro is the closest to the NI Linux R image?


Appreciate any help.

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A Google search of 'ni linux rt virtual machine' brings up a whole list of sites with tutorials. The SAS Workshop is a good one. I have not tried the Virtual Box tutorial on the CERN site. FYI - CERN does have good NI product related information on it.


Please note: There is no NI support for running NI Linux RT on non-NI hardware, or VMs. 



David C
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David C - Thank you for this answer!


I googled as well, was my first course of action, but I didn't not come across the same links...


I was able to follow those instructions, somewhat, and get a working VM. I had to use VirtualBox, not VMWare. Also, the VM resets itself after every reboot, which is somewhat frustrating. I removed the ISO image linked to the VM, and changed it to boot from disk before optical drive, but it didn't help much.


In any case, I was able to get what I needed, so I appreciate the help.

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