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cRIO 9040 causes router to reboot

Dear Friends,


I was previously was able to view the UI of my cRIO 9040 from another desktop via x11VNC. Both desktop and cRIO was connected to a broadband router.


Now, I have shifted my experimental rig to another new location where I'm using a mobile broadband router powered by simcard.


I noticed that whenever my cRIO is connected to the LAN port, it causes my router to reboot and stops functioning.


The router behaves normally when the cRIO is disconnected from the router. The router's supplier is insisting there is nothing wrong with their product as the router's LAN ports and wireless connections are working perfectly when the cRIO is disconnected.


Can someone please give me an idea on how to solve this issue? Is there any setting that I can do on cRIO?

Thank you.





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