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cRIO (9040) & SQL Server access


Hello World 😄

I'm looking for informations about cRIO and database access and I hope you can help me.


I'd like to develop an embedded Labview code in my cRIO-9040 that could:

- 1/ Recover data on a SQLserver database (read only) ;

- 2/ Create a data file ;

- 3/ Back up the data file in a network space of my company ;



Create a data file: not really a problem ^^


I started my tests by:
- share a folder of my pc (RW)
- provide cRIO access to my PC, including the previous folder by Putty software: "mount -t cifs //[IP of remote server]/[name of shared folder]/ -o username=[your username],password=[your password],uid=lvuser /home/lvuser/data"
=> it works. The program makes the file transfer to my PC.
/!\ But when I use the same method to the server, I have an mount error: "mount: /home/lvuser/data: mount(2) system call failed: Operation not supported."
(I know Linux is case-sensitive, so I paid attention to characters in the path but...)


This is my biggest problem. I read that it was not possible to use the Database APIs (because it's not possible to create ODBC driver on Linux?).

So I don't know how to access the database by Linux, and even more so on a Microsoft database (SQL server) 😪

In advance, thank you for your help

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