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cRIO-903X jumbo Frame support

Can you explain what you mean by "It all gone"?


Is the entire file deleted, or just the line that you added.


If the file is still there, can you output the result of a ls -l <FILENAMEHERE> in the command prompt?


I'm curious if the device is wiping it on reboot.

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I too have now tried it on an NI-7935 and also found that the file is re-written. However, this may actually be a recovery mechanism.

The Zync based cRIOs don't support Jumbo frames and so, logically, the NI-7935 probably doesn't either.


I think any fast transfer may have to be implemented using the SFP+ ports and IP on the FPGA instead.

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Yes, I think maybe the 7935 just doesn't support Jumbo Frame...


And I said the settings are gone, I mean the line I added to the file just disappear, the file is still around.

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