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cRIO-9035 - change usb0 Ethernet Adapter address

I have a cRIO-9035 system which talks to a host PC.The cRIO is connected to the PC via USB cable using the USBLAN adapter. This system has been operating for a couple of years now.


The PC was recently upgraded from Win7 to Win10, after which the LabVIEW program running on the PC would no longer communicate with the PC, and the cRIO no longer appeared in NI-MAX. The issue appeared to be with the USBLAN driver, which was corrected following the procedure in this article


I am now able to connect to the cRIO in MAX. However, the cRIO's standard usb0 address has changed from the expected to a 169.254.x.x address. I've looked at numerous articles but haven't found a way to set the usb0 address (or why it would have changed). It doesn't appear to be configurable in NI-MAX the way the eth0 port is. Is there any way to change the usb0 network address back to the original address? 

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