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cRIO-9022 EtherCAT configuration problem in MAX

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Got an issue here, I connected my cRIO and a third party EtherCAT and both ethernet ports LEDs were lightened up. However, I  am unable to select the adaptor mode to EtherCAT and my adaptor 2 is not even showing up. What can I do?

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Here is a little confusing: the ETH2 printed in the hardware is equal to the eth1 listed in MAX.

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Yes I understand that bit, but on MAX I can't change adapter mode to EtherCAT on eth1 since there isn't an option. What I assume is that there should be an eth2 for me to select, which represents the EtherCAT module. I have installed industrial communication for EtherCAT 17.6 as well.

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OK. Can you attach the MAX reports on what software are installed on your PC and on cRIO-9022?

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Attached is the software installed on PC and cRIO-9022

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You need to install EtherCAT on cRIO-9022 or you can't enable EtherCAT mode. Can you please have a check?

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It turns out that I need to manually select the industrial communication software to install into the cRIO. Thank you.

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