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cRIO 9012 isn´t accessible any more after approximately 4000 tdms copys over ftp

Hi Developers,


I develop a proof system that copy every 1 minute two tdms Meassurement Files via ftp to a Control-PC to processing the data. The Control-PC programm is also a labview application. But after nearly 3 days and about 4000 cycles there is no possibility to use the ftp connection of the Control-PC. The cRIO is reachable via ftp with another PC but the ftp connection of the Control-PC doesn´t work anymore. Also a ftp connection via the Explorer doesn´t work from the Control-PC. 

Thanks for help.


Greetings Tom

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Does the problem go away after restarting either the cRIO, the control PC, or both?

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Hello Jepggins,


Only after a restart of the Control-PC a connection via ftp is possible. The cRIO is reachable via ftp the whole time with another PC. A restart of the cRIO doesn´t solve the problem.


Greetings Tom

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I'm not an expert with ftp, but it certainly sounds like the connection isn't being shut down properly all the time.


 Would it be possible for you to post the code running on the control PC? That way other people can take a look and see if they notice anything.



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I am useing LabView 8.6 and to copy the Files i use the "FTP Get Multiple Files" VI. 

There are no other FTP VI´s around the VI in the picture.

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I hate to ask the obvious question, but you're not getting any file errors are you?

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Sorry but i don´t have a error messages. The problem is that the plant is already in use by the enterprise and there is no error logging in that part of the software. I as a developer only get a phonecall with the error description by the operator. So it is a bit like a guessing game 😞

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That does make it difficult. Hopefully someone will have run into something similar before.


Just for a bit more background information. I assume you're only copying the two new files each time? The cluster of files isn't continually growing?


Also from what you posted initially, the application isn't frozen is it? In your initial post it seemed as though everything worked, it just wasn't able to ftp.

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Yes thats right. On the cRIO it is every time the same tdms file that is first rewrite and than copied via ftp to the Control-PC. The cRIO run the testing programm until the end. The analyses program on the Control-PC is also finishing the test but without any data.

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