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cDAQ on IC-3173 ?

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Hi everybody,


i plan to use a IC-3173 to build a stand-alone image processing gear (with a usb3 cam), but with also analog input/output channels. So i wonder if a cDAQ  chassis can be plugged into one of the usb port of the IC-3173, i.e. can linuxRT accept DAQmx on this target ? Or is there a more obvious way to add analog channels to the IC ?


All the best,

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Accepted by topic author VdG
08-01-2017 11:18 PM

I dont think you will be able to plug in an usb cDAQ chassis into the IC (Linux) controller. 

NI has recently released Ethernet cDAQs 9185 and cDAQ 9189 that can be directly plugged into any of the 4 Ethernet ports on the IC. You will be able to use DAQmx to control your chassis directly from the IC, hence a stand-alone system. 


Hope this helps.


PS: cDAQ 9185/9 come with another great feature, TSN synchronization. In a nutshell, cDAQ chassis will automatically synchronize their clocks over an ethenet network with the IC internal clock. This will allow you to do synchronize data acquisition within <1us offset between devices. You can read more about TSN here

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yes it does help : thanks for this solution !

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