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build process works, but RTEXE is broken (cRIO 9067)

not sure. Using LV2015 f1 still, company too stingy. But if they operate like Autodesk, it  will never be fixed

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This problem just bit me using LabVIEW 2041.1, and the solution to make reference to a newly-added cluster-valued NSV in relative mode also resolved the issue.


Thankful that this forum keeps all it's ancient postings!


-- Mark

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Labview 2041, you are back from the future?

I am using arrays from no on, so its a bit painful to pull them apart at the other end, but at least I have to assign the variable only once and then add or remove things from the array (make it shorter or longer), but that does not affect compile.

Also one problem may have been, part of the program I did on a different computer, without the cRIO. Then when copy these things back, who knows, what got messed up.

What I recently noticed, sometimes a some vis don't work. Then I delete them and put them in again and all of sudden they work.

And yes, its a good thing that old posts are still there. Some questions are not asked often, so you can still find an answer

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