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I have a few Bronkhorst EL-Flow measurement/control elements that I would like to connect to my laptop (which has no serial interface).  I would like to join them in a little 'network' and use them in a labview application but the documentation from Bornkhorst doesn't explane much.  I found a few VI's here on the forum but they don't work, 'cause I don't know how I should set-up the measurement chain.  So can annyone help with the following :
- how do I physically connect all the pieces with the RJ45 ?
- how can I use them (measurement and control) in labview ?  Do I need MAX ?  Do I need any additional drivers ?
Thanks !
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Hi Jan,

I think you should better contact bronkhorst for this if possible, because i don't know either how to connect your meters together to form a chain.
But if i am correct those flow meters use indeed some kind of serial communication so if you configure your laptop to recieve/send this communication
it should be possible to control them with labview, no need for additional drivers if you are using standard laptop equipement. But because i don't have any experience with this i can't give you much help. If you still have trouble, let me know then i can always try to find someone who perhaps knows something more but that will take some time. I also have "heard" about some instrument driver for the bronkhorst flow meter which could be easy to use in labview but i don't know if it's true. Perhaps ask bronkhorst for this information.
Kind Regards,

Joris Donders
National Instruments
EMEIA GTM Lead for Semiconductor
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Ok Joris, nu kunt ge het afsluiten.

I got the answer from Bronkhorst and after a lot of searching and trying.  I added some files, examples and documents I gathered and used.  Basically, you have 3 options (from easy to more difficult)

1. Bronkhorst has its own software which you can use as kind of a server for your application.  You can comunicate with it using DDE.

2. You can use some dll's from Bronkhorst to talk to their controllers. 

3. You can use ascii-code trough a VISA connection.  I had to use this option as my laptop doesn't have a serial port and so I used the one on my cRio.  Unfortunatly Bronkhorst (and its software) never heard of a cRio and so can't talk to this port.  After I figured it out how to set up the communication it was quit simple.  You just open a VISA with the right RS232 port, write the Bronkhorst ascii command in the 'write VISA' and read the buffer respons ('read VISA').   The codes are a little complicated, but since I only needed to set the control valve and read the flow, I only needed two codes (and understand the error codes).  It's all explained in the Bronkhorst documents, but in the beginning it's not that easy to understand. 

So, hope I helped someone else with some Bronkhorst hardware.



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I am trying to communicate to the flowbus (electronic unit E-7100-AAA 
connected to 3 analog flowControllers) with a PC via a RS232-to-rs485-converter and I am
using the FlowDDE software (version 4.58). I have set the serial port to half-duplex mode
and the right set up for the rest of the parameters (38400,n,8,1,-), but I cannot
communicate. I get always the same message:
2008-09-29 23:00:37 Init        Trying to make connection to FLOW-BUS interface
2008-09-29 23:00:48 Init        Communication to FLOW-BUS forced to stop

I have tried the 2-wire RS232-to-RS485-converter that I already mentioned, and also a
4-wire PCI-to-rs485 card which I converted in 2-wire by making the proper connections (
RXD+ together with TXD+ and RXD- together with TXD-). But the fact is that I cannot
communicate and I have also tried using the terminations that are mentioned in the
In theory it should work, and I do no find a reason to buy the bronkhorst RS-232-to-FlowBus
interface, that only would provide me with +15V supply voltage which I do not need.

I would appreciate if I can get any help!
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I use the RS232-converter, so I can't give you much of advise other than to try different settings.  I think you 're best of by contacting Bronkhorst themselves, as you are using their software.  They helped me just fine.

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Dear All ;


Any body can help me to convert this file from 5.1 to 8.6.


Thank u in Advance.

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How Can i run the 2 VI's at the same time (i mean the VI's with ASCIl for both measureing and setting the control valve.) . Can i run 2 of them from the same Com Port.


Thank u inadvance


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Dear .


How can i run  the 2 VI's at the same time.(I mean for request Measure and send set point to the control valve.). can i run 2 of the at the same time from one Comport.


Thank u inadvance

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Dear All.


Currently i am doing project which includes Cell voltage Monitoring System(CVM-2582A). Any body who can help me with RS-232 communication.


Thanks inadvance


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