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Why does DAQ_OP freeze one computer while the same code and the same card on a different computer works ok?

The daq_op command is acquiring 1024 data points at a sample rate of 512 pts/sec.

On 2 computers this works just fine.

On a third computer it hangs. When, on the computer that is hanging, I use a "AI_Read" command it works and gives the expected values.

My card is a PC_LPM-16, non-PnP

If I swap that card into another computer it works.

If I put that card back into the original computer - in a different slot - it still doesn't work.

The computer is a 486/33 running Win95. The code was originally written for and running in a 386.
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The problem is probably related to the OS you are running on the machine is not working and the NI-DAQ version.
I would advise you to upgrade the NI-DAQ to the latest released version (6.9.1) and try again.
Hope that helps.
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You can be assured that this is the correct answer, because I am answering my own question.

The solution was embarrassingly simple - the PCs were set for different Interrupts (remember - this was NOT PnP). The problem was made more difficult because the AI_Read() command was working. If NOTHING was working, it might not have taken as long to find.

That's It!
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