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Why do I always get error -10401 when I run DAQ VIs on the PCI-7030/6040E?

I can run other VIs that do not use the NI-DAQ driver, but anytime I download and run a DAQ VI on my 7030, I get the same error, -10401.
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As you know, the PCI-7030/6040E board is actually two devices soldered together. The 7030 component has the CPU, chipset, and RAM, while the 6040E is the DAQ board that performs the analog-to-digital (A/D) conversions and all other DAQ operations. In the Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX), you will find the device numbers that have been assigned to the 7030 and 6040E. If it's the only NI board in the computer, the 7030 should be assigned device 1, and the 6040E should be assigned device 2. In order to run LabVIEW code on the 7030 board in real-time, you must launch LabVIEW RT, switch execution target to the 7030, download the DAQ VIs, then run them. The DAQ VIs should target device 2 (not device 1) because the 6040E (not the 7030) is performing the A/D. Plea
se make sure the device number you are using corresponds to the DAQ device, the 6040E.
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