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Which of NI's own serial cards are supported in LabView Real Time?




Which of the following serial cards are supported on LabView 7.1 RealTime (ETS)?


Which of the following serial cards are supported on LabView 8.0 RealTime (ETS)?


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PXI Serial Interfaces:
PXI-8430/2 (RS232, 2 channel)
PXI-8430/4 (RS232, 4 channel)
PXI-8431/2 (RS485, 2 channel)
PXI-8431/4 (RS485, 4 channel)
PXI-8420/2 (RS232, 2 channel)
PXI-8420/4 (RS232, 4 channel)
PXI-8420/8 (RS232, 8 channel)
PXI-8420/16 (RS232, 16 channel)
PXI-8421/2 (RS485, 2 channel)
PXI-8421/4 (RS485, 4 channel)
PXI-8421/8 (RS485, 8 channel)
PXI-8422/2 (RS232, 2 channel with isolation)
PXI-8422/4 (RS232, 4 channel with isolation)
PXI-8423/2 (RS485, 2 channel with isolation)
PXI-8423/4 (RS485, 4 channel with isolation)

PCI Serial Interfaces:
PCI-8430/2 (RS232, 2 ports)
PCI-8430/4 (RS232, 4 ports)
PCI-8430/8 (RS232, 8 ports)
PCI-8431/2 (RS485, 2 ports)
PCI-8431/4 (RS485, 4 ports)
PCI-8431/8 (RS485, 8 ports)
PCI-232/16 (RS232, 16 ports)
PCI-8432/2 (RS232, 2 ports with isolation)
PCI-8432/4 (RS232, 4 ports with isolation)
PCI-8433/2 (RS485, 2 ports with isolation)
PCI-8433/4 (RS485, 4 ports with isolation)

PCI Legacy Serial Interfaces:
PCI-232/2 (RS232, 2 ports)
PCI-232/4 (RS232, 4 ports)
PCI-232/8 (RS232, 8 ports)
PCI-485/2 (RS485, 2 ports)
PCI-485/4 (RS485, 4 ports)
PCI-485/8 (RS485, 8 ports)
PCI-232I/2 (RS232, 2 ports with isolation)
PCI-232I/4 (RS232, 4 ports with isolation)
PCI-485I/2 (RS485, 2 ports with isolation)
PCI-485I/4 (RS485, 4 ports with isolation)

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Great question!  This information can be found in the Serial Hardware and Software for Windows Help at Serial Hardware and Software for Windows Help >> Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions >> Frequently Asked Questions >> Can I use NI serial hardware with a non-Windows platform?

The boards supported by LabVIEW Real-Time are actually determined by the NI-Serial driver.  Currently the only boards supported in LabVIEW Real-Time are the PXI-842x and the ENET Series.  Work is being done to add Real-Time support for the PXI-813x series to a future version of the driver.
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