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Which i must use step motor shield for sbrio 9637



I will use sbrio for control of step motor therefore i need step motor shield .i searched aboud shield ardunio motor sheild and which i shıuld step motor shield with work sbrio?


Thank you

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Hi osman87,


While some of our hardware has a shield board (such as the myRIO), the sbRIO does not have a prefabricated option for connecting stepper motors or arduino shields.


You can use the DIO pins of the sbRIO to generate a pulse train for the stepper, however please note that these DIO lines are not powerful enough to driver a stepper motor.


Kind Regards,

Andrew T.
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Than you for answered.

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If you want an off-the-shelf solution for driving stepper motors from sbRIO, you could consider adding C Series modules. This would require using an sbRIO that includes the RIO Mezzanine Card (RMC) connector, such as the sbRIO-9627 rather than the 9637.  The NI 9503 is a stepper drive C Series module.  You would also need to purchase the NI 9693 C Series RMC to adapt the sbRIO to connect directly to C Series modules.


Recommended components

NI 9503 Stepper Motor drive module 

NI 9693 2-slot C Series RMC for sbRIO 

sbRIO-9627 Multifunction IO sbRIO with RMC 


The same NI 9503 module would also work well in any CompactRIO controller without any extra adapter RMC, such as the entry level cRIO-9063.  For a similar price, the cRIO-9063 is about 4x more performant than the sbRIO-9637 and can support up to 4 C Series modules.  The biggest tradeoff is the cRIO-9063 does not include the integrated analog IO circuitry.  




National Instruments

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Thank you for advise.I will try.

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Is there option to use sbRIO to control at least 4 step motors? I also want to have some DIO too.


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Unless you want to do some circuit design, you could use a CRO 9067 which would give you 8 slots. You could use 4 of those slots for the NI 9503. and then add a 9402 or 9403 depending on how much digital IO you need.

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Currently, my company uses 9030 (4 slots) for 3 9503 and 1 9421. We have to use another micro-controller boar to control another pair of small step motor by usb port. We have problem with that micro-controller board, so I am looking for option to extend the module to control more step motor. We cannot use CRO 9067 because of the limited space in our instrument. That's why I am looking for option with sbRIO.

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You can either design your own mezz board for the sbrio or maybe find a small motor controller that takes commands over RS485/ethernet/etc. NI mentions some here.

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