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Where is the stop-start-daemon in the latest NI Linux Real-Time System?

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Not using LabView. Have a C++ application installed on the cRIO for data collection/processing. The cRIO runs autonomously so the application needs to start when the system boots.

There is an excellent tutorial in the knowledge base, "Tutorial: Installing Startup Scripts on NI Linux Real-Time", that shows how it is done and that I have been using successfully up to now.

Just installed the latest NI Linux Real-Time System (2023 Q2) and the startup script has stopped working.

It seems that the bit that makes it work is a call to start-stop-daemon (copy of command below).

On looking for a reason why the script had stopped working I looked in the /sbin directory and the start-stop-daemon is not there!

Can anyone tell me where it has gone (different directory), or has the command now got a new name?





/sbin/start-stop-daemon --start --pidfile $PIDFILE \
--make-pidfile \
--chuid $USER --exec $DAEMON

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I found it.  It has been moved to /usr/sbin

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