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When does the PCI-MIO-16XE-10 start sampling the data?

I am using a PCI-MIO-16XE-10 to sample the output of a DAC. I think that the board is collecting the data before the DAC output settles. How can I delay the time of the measurement?
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If you are acquiring at more than one channel, you can increase the interchannel delay of that acquisition. The board you have has two main clock signal to synchronize the acquisition, the first is the Scan clock which will determine the frequency of each Scan (which is composed by the number of channel you set to be acquired), the second is the channel clock, which will switch the multiplexer which routes each channel to the onboard ADC. If you need to delay the acquisition of one particular channel, you just need to increase the time that each channel is sampled, by changing the interchannel delay of the acquisition. If you are acquiring just one channel, it would be good if you could get a signal of some sort from the ADC you are reading data from and us
e that signal to trigger a delayed pulse on one of the general purpose counters your board has. Then you can synchronize the analog input operation based upon that delayed pulse. For more information on how to synchronize DAQ operations, you can refer to an Application Note named "Advanced Synchronization Techniques for Data Acquisition" which can be found at our Web Site.
Hope this helps.
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