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What's the best tools (hardware and software) to measure the sound of an aircraft?

We are trying to measure the sound of an aircraft by driving a microphone-equiped van along with the aircraft on the run way. We'll then store the data on datasocket server so that we can display the data in real-time on the web. My question is what's the best tool (hardware and software) for this application? Thanks.
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My own recommendation would be to use LabVIEW as your software. LabVIEW makes DataSocket binding as easy as right-clicking on a front panel object. If you are more comfortable programming in a text-based environment, then ComponentWorks would be my next recommendation.

There have been many applications where individuals just use their PC's sound card to record sound using built-in sound recording and signal processing inside LabVIEW. However, for cleaner sound processing, I'd suggest you take a look at National Instrument's DSA boards (NI 4551 and NI 4552). Check out their specs at
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