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What is the transfer rate of the non-volatile storage in cRIO-9014 controller?

What is the transfer rate of the non-volatile storage in the CompactRIO cRIO-9014 controller? Can it store data from one NI 9205 and seven NI 9233 at full speed ?  Thanks.


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Hi ste 147,

The question lacks detailSmiley Sad

Do you mean with one channel or 16 channels (diff mode) or 32 channels NRE? Thats with just regard to 9205 module that has an aggregate sampling speed of 250 KS/s. Suggest that you define your question
 to be more explicit to your application.

Read the manuals if there are any sections which you don't understand then raise a questionSmiley Wink

We're help to help  but you also have to help ya self.


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Use the maximum channels and maximum speed for the NI9205 and NI9233, that comes out about 4.7 MByte per second.

What is the highest sustain write speed of the non-volatile storage in the cRIO-9014 controller. Thank you.


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Hi ste147,

While the logging rate depends on many factors, including the complexity and processor requirements of other code running on the controller, we have run a set of benchmarking tests for the CompactRIO controller line. The 900x series controllers can log around 1.5 MB/s and the 901x can log around 1.5-2MB/s to the internal memory. The USB port of the 901x cannot stream to disk as fast as the built-in memory on the controller. The benchmarks for the cRIO-901x USB port are around 700 kB/s versus the 1.5-2 MB/s rate for the internal memory of the controller.

If you are curious as to how we obtained the benchmarks, you run the attached code to verify the results.
Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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Adnan Z,

Thank you for your good info.



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