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What is the EEPROM Map for the 6035E for Register Level Programming.

We are using LynxOS and have a working driver written. We have yet to figure out how to update the calibration constants in the EEPROM or to read the constants from the EEPROM into the DACs.

Currently, I can read the EEPROM and suspect that I can also write to the DACs, but i dont know which EEPROM address maps to which DAC.

By reading the E-Series RLP, i attempted to determine if the 6035E has the same structure as any of the boards in the document, but i do not believe that it does.

At the very least, we need to know which DACs there are on the board, what they are used for, their width, and a way to determine what we should write to each one.

Also, any insight into how t
o perform a calibration without using NIDAQ would be helpful.
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See my answer to your other post.

Nick W.
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