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Warning 63194 with sbRIO-9632



I just purchased a sbRIO-9632. I managed to configure it to start playing with it. MAX shows the following warning:


Warning 63194 (kRIOStatusVersionMismatch):
The target software is older than, but compatible with, the host. Upgrade target software to get full functionality.


From the web KB I learn I need to upgrade the target. How do I upograde my target (sbRIO-9632)? My current NI-RIO is version 3.40 however the "software" section of the sbRIO in the MAX reports version 2.40 ...?I guess I have to download something from my XP to the sbRIO...? What is the problem here and how it is fixed?


Thanks in advance,

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Hello golubovski,


You are correct, you need to install software to your target.


You can follow the instructions for the cRIO located on page 6 of the getting started manual.





"12. When the new system name appears under Remote Systems, expand

the controller item in the tree, right-click Software, and select

Add/Remove Software."



In most cases working with sbRIO is identical to working with a cRIO.  The major exceptions are that an sbRIO has built in IO and, on some models, modules, and that the Scan Mode is not currently supported on sbRIO.








When the new system name appears under Remote Systems, expand
the controller item in the tree, right-click Software, and select
Add/Remove Software.When the new system name appears under Remote Systems, expandthe controller item in the tree, right-click Software, and selectAdd/Remove Software.


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Thank you Sebastian,


I'll go through the procedure. BTW, what is a "Scan Mode"?

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I am lost with all this download options? I se minimal and standard versions affiliating to different LabVIEW RT versions, NI-RIO versions... Then I see minimal and standard options...


I rekon all these options must have something to do with memory consumption, but I have no idea how to estimateeffects of upgrading them. The version I'd like to pugrade is 2.4.0 and the version I'd like to download is 3.4.0.


Do I face a memory issue here and can I always "go back" if something goes wrong with the upgrade?


Sorry for bothering and thank you in advance,

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I'm happy to help, so please ask any questions you have.


Scan Mode is a feature available on some cRIO controllers that allows you to access IO directly from RT without having to write any LabVIEW FPGA code.  See for more information on Scan Mode.  


As for what software you should install, you are correct that it is a tradeoff between available functionality and memory usage.  Without knowing the details of your intended application, I'd recommend you install the standard option that matches the version of LabVIEW you intend to develop with.  Unless your application is very intensive, I doubt you will run in to memory issues and this way all functionality will be available.  


If you do run in to memory problems down the line, you can change the installed software set at any time by selecting add/remove software from MAX again.


If you still have questions about which software set to use, please post a screenshot of the install window in MAX.





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