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Want to trigger event count from both counters (E) to buffer using FOUT (100kHz/16 or slower) as a trigger

We are using a AT-MIO-16E-1 board. We would like to run an xy raster pattern from the buffer (AO) in order to reduce scan times (256 x 256 pt images). At each AO (voltage) point we would like to read from both onboard counters and store the number of events counted to memory, reading out the buffer say every 256 pts (1 scan line). In order to ensure accurate counting periods the counters need to be triggered to coincide with some "dwell time" at each AO voltage pt. We have thought of using FOUT for the trigger or perhaps out analog out scanning signal but are concerned that the FOUT freq is too high (6250 khz - we would like 100hz-10khz). Any suggestions or e
xamples would be appreciated.
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The main problem there is going to be the counter triggering. I'm saying that because, there isn't a way for the Analog Input operation to send pulses that will trigger of the timer operation at multiple voltage levels. The only solution for this I can think of is, instead of having an analog voltage level which would indicate the position of xy, if you could have a device which would give a TTL pulse instead when the desired position is reached, then you could use the 6601 to have a triggered operation at the counter. Another constraint for your application right now is the fact that the E-series boards' counters don't have triggering features, only gated features.
Anyway, you would need to have a TTL pulse either to trigger (in case of the 6601 count
ers) or to gate (in case of the E-series board), when the desired XY position is reached.
Meanwhile, you can refer to the Labview examples for Streaming to disk, Analog I/O and counter operations. You can go to Search Examples->I/O Interfaces->Data Acquisition->Data Logger ( for streaming to disk operations); Search Examples->I/O Interfaces->Data Acquisition->Analog Output ( for Analog Output Operations); and Search Examples->I/O Interfaces->Data Acquisition->Counters (for counter operations). Also; I'm including an Application Note which talks about synchronization of multiple DAQ tasks I think will be helpful for you also.
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