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WANTED: Labview Programmer in Providence, RI

We are looking for a versitile Labview programmer for a laboratory setting to design/modify data acquisition and analysis programs. must provide good documentation of code for long-term flexibility. ~2/3 time w/full benefits. salary negotiable.
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I am part of a small team of LabVIEW developers who are available on a contract basis. All of us have varied programming and industry experience, but with in-depth LabVIEW and DAQ programming experience, in addition to C, VB, and instrument control.
We can designate 1 person exclusively to any particular project and have them be your contact, while the rest of the group does the coding, testing and verification. I think that you may find having the work performed on a contract basis may save you overall expense for the project.
If you want to discuss how we could be of assistance please contact me at
Thank you,
Eric Bowie
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