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Using a cRIO 9047 with a Raritan Dominion KXIII KVM

We have a National Instruments cRIO 9047. This cRIO is set up in a rack and is intended to be interfaced through a KVM, the LAN and 2nd USB-C port. When attached to the Raritan's USB-C to KVM ethernet-in adapter, the only image we get is the initial bios screen, then a blank black screen. However, if we attach an Anker USB-C to HDMI adapter and connect that via HDMI to a screen, we get TTY1, which is what is expected.


  1. Why is this happening? It worked just fine when we initially connected the KVM adapter, but this changed about 5 days after.
  2. Are there any special settings for the cRIO that are needed to ensure that the KVM adapter to work properly with the cRIO?
  3. If it's not, what is recommended?
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Using a KVM to access the terminal of a Linux target is overkill. You can Accessing the Shell on NI Linux Real-Time Devices easily via SSH or Serial.

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