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Using USB Host-to-Host cable (PN: 140254-02) with a SOM (sbRIO-9651)



In order to emulate an Ethernet port over USB connectivity, we would like to use the USB Host-to-Host cable (PN: 140254-02) with a SOM (sbRIO-9651).

However, I found a KB saying that it is possible with a sbRIO-9607, but no confirmation that it may work with any other sbRIO system.


So my question is: would this cable be comptible with the SOM (sbRIO-9651) ?

If yes, which USB port should I use from J1 (USB0 or USB1 or even both would work) ?


The other side of the cable will be plugged onto a Windows 7 or 10 computer. On the computer is there any specific driver that we should install ? Or it will be automatically detected on the Windows system as an Ethernet port ?


Thanks !




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