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Using Network Streams in cRio-9035.

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I am trying to stream data from my RT target to UI host Machine. But unable to establish a connection. First i run my RT and it is waiting for connection, but when i run my UI it throws error -314350 while creating a reader endpoint. Don't know where am i going wrong. Someone please help me out.

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This is probably related to the context name syntax used where you specify your reader and writer endpoints.  Search the NI help for more info.

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I agree with the first reply and would like to also point you to the examples. You can use an example to make sure that communication can work between the cRIO and host, then move on to your specific implementation of writer and reader endpoints.


There's an example in LabVIEW >> Help >> Find Examples >> Networking >> Network Streams. You can your cRIO to the LabVIEW project and then run one of the endpoints on it, while keeping the first endpoint on your host PC.

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I tried the example of network stream from the Labview Help. But i am getting the same error. I am attaching an image of the error for reference. 

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Accepted by topic author kirtikant
05-16-2018 07:29 PM

Network streams are necessarily 1:1, and do not support broadcast implementations (1:N or N:1).  Provided you are only attempting a 1:1 stream, the problem is likely the endpoint specification syntax (context name).  Network streams are pretty good about doing their own connection management, but you might have to, for example, flush and destroy a stream if you interrupt a VI with the stop button.


I have attached a couple of example VIs from my own code for streaming some pressure data.  The system session FGV (not included) just provides the hostname of the CompactRIO controller to which the host VI is connected.

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