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Using CRio NI9265 module as current source

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Apologies for the fairly basic question - I'm coming at this from a Chem Eng background rather than an electrical one. I have a CRio 9012 controller with a 9265 0-20 mA output module (among others). The power supply to the CRio is 24VDC. I want to use one of the outputs as an input to a Watlow DIN-a-mite power controller, which will in turn drive a 10A/2.5kW heater.


The datasheet for the power controller states that the input command is loop powered linear current, 4-20 mA DC, requiring a current source with 6.5 VDC available. Am I correct to say that I should compare 6.5 VDC to the compliance voltage for this module (12 VDC max), thus this arrangement will work?




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Hello ChrisTighe,


That is correct, the setup will work.


The 9265 will output up to 12 VDC, and your device requires a maximum of 6.5 VDC.

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