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Use CreateAIAccelChan with two channels and two sensitivities


Hi there,


I'm starting a project involving a couple Dytran accelerometers and a NI 9234. I've spent quite some time looking for an answer to my issue on internet but I couldn't find anything to help me.


I'm using PyDAQmx to make measurements via python and I'm using the CreateAIAccelChan to measure from two different channels. I have no issue with data acquisition (i'm not sure whether that term is adequate in english). However I'd like to set two different sensitivities for my two sensors. And that is where I'm stuck.


Also I thought about using CreateAIVoltageChan and then convert Volts to acceleration. However my accelerometers need to have a supply current, which I failed to create with CreateAIVoltageChan.


It's the first time I'm using this site, so I hope I'm using it well, if you'd need more information, just ask !





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Hi JoshCM,


Why don't you use "1" for sensitivity values and, then multiply those values with different sensitivity values?





Haliatech Engineer 

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