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Unsupported LabView Features in RT Module?

This tidbit is lifted from "Getting Started with the LabView Real-Time Module" document:

Unsupported LabVIEW Features

—The Unsupported LabVIEW


book includes information about LabVIEW features that are

not supported by the Real-Time Module.

My question is; if I do not yet have the Real-Time Module, how can I find out what LabView features are not supported by LabView. Apparently, the R-T module must be installed for the "book" to be found on the Help Search function. I have LV 8.5.1 and there is no such topic in my Help file. So the Catch-22 is that if a user wants to find out what LV features are not supported by the R-T Module, the user has to buy a $2,500 software package and then find out that something the user intended to do with the R-T module can not be done because it is unsupported by LV. No luck on the NI site finding anything pertinent or informative as to specifics...SOP.

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All of the NI manuals are available on

Here is the link for the unsupported RT features.

LV 8.6:

LV 8.5:

authored by
Christian L, CLA
Applications Engineering Senior Manager - Automotive and Transportation
NI - Austin, TX

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