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Unstable usb connection to a cRIO-9040

Dear all, 

I have been developing a Real-time Labview app where cRIO-9040 is streaming data at 1MS/s from FPGA to the host computer via network streams. On one computer, the discovery of cRIO, deployment and streaming data works flawlessly (which is my office computer😕  ) . Once I move the cRIO to the lab, which also has a decent machine (bought in 2020) , the discovery of cRIO lags, each time I try to even switch to RT vi it would pop up a window that it's trying to connect to the target) and all my network streams work so slow that the RT FIFO's overfill very quickly. Both machines I connect to USB 3.0 port (according to the marking) and I have tried multiple ones on the sluggish machine with no success. Whenever I search for troubles in usb connection I get topics related to overload of cRIO machine or firewall issues, but here these both are clearly not the case as I have a machine where everything works and on the lab machine it works, but just slow and unstable. Would you have any advice on it?

PS I am going to try ethernet on Friday or Monday.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Sergii,

you have met an interesting problem. Was it solved? 
Is the connection faster with Lan connection?

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Hi Tidad,

Yes, with LAN it works like charm. With usb on this particular machine is troublesome. So we just went for the ethernet connection.



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Thanks for the information. 
It would be good to know the USB behavior reason. 

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I was unable to figure that out. Especially it was hard to troubleshoot because it was not completely broken. Just slow and time to time loosing connection to the computer. I have tried all version ports on this machine with no difference. What heard from electronics department is that in general USB-to-LAN conversion is rarely bug-free and in general less reliable than true LAN. So I went for it:)

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