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Universal adapter board for NI sbRIO-9651

Hey NI community!


We have got a new quite interesting product launched for you. RS9011D Universal adapter board is a low cost universal adapter board for NI sbRIO-9651, which has got plenty of interfaces including the Real Time EtherCAT port. The board includes also serial interfaces RS-232, RS-485 and CAN, as well as microSD card interface. The board forms power supply for the NI sbRIO-9651. It supports module cards that can be either ordered to RAFA Solutions or can be designed by yourself using the comprehensive documentation provided. The control of module cards is accomplished from the NI sbRIO-9651 board, using digital channels, available on the board-to-board connectors.


Feel free to check out the product page ( and write us your feedbacks and questions if you are interested to try it out!

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