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Unable to connect to sbRIO9606

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Hi All,


I am using the sbRIO9606 in my project and I am unable to view it in NI-MAX. I tried to connect to a different sbRIO9606 board and it connects to it and i can see it in NI-max. That means i have the correct drivers and the Ethernet cable that i am using is good.


The board that i have issue with has the orange status LED blinking twice, according to UM it means the RT software is not installed. Now, i have no way to connect to this board to install the RT software using MAX, as i cannot discover it in NI-MAX. I am not sure what is the IP address of it either. I tried to do sweep ping and could not find the IP. 


Now, the question is, how can i Install the required RT software onto this sbRIO9606. I have couple of boards purchased from NI and all are in the same state and this is the brand new sbRIO9606 i purchased from NI.




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Sounds like an IP address conflict. What's the IP address on your working 9606? Is there a DHCP router to give out addresses? Have you tried looking at the console out on the serial port?

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I am unable to find the IP address of the sbRIO9606. I do not have any DHCP router but the sbRIO9606 is directly connected to my laptop.

I even tried by turning OFF the wifi on my laptop.


I am trying to read the serial port output from sbRIO9606, but has not been successful yet. I connected the sbRIO9606 to laptop serial port and dont see any data in putty. I had to make a cable to connect the headder on sbRIO to DB9 on laptop, not sure if this cable has an issue.


I have the pin mapping used to create cable, please let me know if anything is missed in the mapping. 

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Regarding finding the IP address I was referring to the other unit. The one where you said "I tried to connect to a different sbRIO9606 board and it connects to it and i can see it in NI-max.". What's the IP address on that board?

It might be worthwhile to borrow a router temporarily just so there's something to assign an IP address. The router should be able to then show you the IP tables and what addresses belong to which MACs. The alternative method would be to poke around in wireshark and see who's talking.

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Sure, i will give it try connecting to a router.


The IP of the sbRIO i am able to work on is




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I checked the serial port cables and is good, but still do not see any output from sbRIO9606.


Is there anyway we can boot sbRIO9606 from a USB?




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Accepted by topic author YogeshaYS
04-11-2019 08:57 AM

I was able to finally detect the new sbRIO9606 boards and update the software on them.


I opened the wireshark and made sure all the other Ethernet ports are disabled except for the one which is connected to sbRIO. This will reduce teh ETH traffic and less messages on wireshark app.


Then i was able to see the sbRIO pinging and could get the IP address. 







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