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USB 6009 is not detectin Desk top RT target

According to "convert a desktop PC to a LabVIEW Real-Time target" option, I am trying to use a Laptop as a Real time target. After configuring the system I am able to see the real time target under Remote systems in Measurement and automation (Refer attached screenshot ‘Max status 1’). I have plugged a USB device (NI USB 6009) to one of USB input of RT target. But that device is not detecting under Devices and interface in Measurement and automation. Why that device is not detecting?
What are the possible reasons?
Note:  1. To get the idea of softwares added to the RT target I have attached one more screenshot (‘Installed software1’).
  2. To boot the RT target I am using a pen drive (created in Measurement and automation using Tools>RT Disk utilities > Create desktop PC utility USB drive option)
  3. USB port is not disabled.

Plese help me out



CLA - Certified LabVIEW

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Hi Adarsh,


As shown in last question of, I don't think RT target supports USB DAQ.

However, I found from,n24:cDAQ/lang/en/nid/1036/ap/daq/ps/25 that couple of NI modules support CompactDAQ under RT target, but I'd recommend you to confirm this with NI local office.

 If you don't need to use laptop as RT target, I'd recommend a PC with PCI DAQ which is very much cheaper solution.


Regards, Kate



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