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Triggering DAQ 6527 with AQ4321 A/D


I'm using a tunable laser source of ANDO called
AQ4321 A/D with the DAQ 6527
the AQ4321 has TTL connector which is used to trigger other instruments/devices
this TTL connector is sending a digital signal once, when it starts an execution

my question is:
how can I use this trigger to start running a
loop in a VI ?

Thanks in advance
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Your question should be posted under "Measurement Devices >> Digital I/O" instead of "Real-Time DAQ" because the 6527 is a digital board. The category "Real-Time DAQ" is reserved for 7030 Real-Time devices.

To answer your question, you can use DAQ Occurences in LabVIEW to 'wake up' code when certain hardware events occur, such as a change in polarity of the digital lines on the 6527. If you are using a non-LabVIEW compiler, the functions are DIG_Change_Message_Config and DIG_Change_Message_Control. For more information on these functions, please read the NI-DAQ Functions Reference Manual, which can be found at
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