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Tri-state pin

Hi! I'm working with a PCI-MIO-16E-1 DAQ and i want to know if a PFI pin as an output is set to tri-state and to use their corresponding special function signal i have to make a routing, or it's set automaticaly to output the corresponding special function.
For example, if i connect an encoder to the PFI7/STARTSCAN pin and set the STARTSCAN signal to be internal, i have the STARSCAN as an output in that pin?
That could damage the encoder?
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When you have a PFI line working as an Output, the signal which is being generated internally on the board will be output on that pin. So, using the StartScan signal as example, if you set that one to be internal, the pin will output that signal, and if you connect that to an encoder, keep in mind that the signal will be output to the encoder.
Hope this helps.
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