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Taking measurements in LabVIEW Real-Time using CompactRio tutorial help

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I am new to LabVIEW and want to measure thermocouples and log data using CompactRio. I have been following this tutorial and have managed to do most of it but I am now at a point where I am not sure what to do as I am a bit confused by the tutorial. I have tried looking on the discussion forum thread which is linked at the bottom of the tutorial however this also discusses a different but similar tutorial for FPGA mode ( so I haven't had much luck.

If you view the screenshot attached from the Real-Time tutorial you will see I've circled two areas on the block diagram which I am not sure what they are and how to put them into my own diagram as I don't believe it is mentioned clearly in the tutorial. If someone could help me with these parts that would be great. Also the tutorial goes from step 31 to step 28 so is something missing or wrong?


Thanks in advance

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04-16-2019 01:50 AM



For the section of code on the left that you've circled, copy the stop variable from the bottom loop, then right click on the input and go to create>>constant. Make sure this is set to false (left click on the constant to change it). This will look a little bit different to what you see in the picture but is functionally the same.


For the error out indicator, right click on the "error out" terminal of the TDMS close function, then go to create>>indicator. Usually if you're not sure about something in LabVIEW, right clicking and looking at the options available will help. As well as this. Ctrl+H will open up the context help menu, giving you a bit more information on anything you hover over with your mouse.


It seems like the stop variable part has been missed out of the tutorial, but the error out is mentioned in step 31. As for the numbering going back to 28, I think this is just a formatting mistake and not because any steps have been missed out.


Best regards,

Jonah Winn

Technical Support Engineer 

National Instruments

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Thanks for your help Jonah much appreciated.

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