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How can I synchronize  PCI-6321  with NI 9237?. the later is using for bridge (acquiring signal from differential pressure transducer). PCI-6321 is being used for acquiring signals from 12 sensors as voltage analog input (5 pressure transducers, 1 differential pressure transducer, 2 liquid flow meters, 2 gas flow controllers and 2 thermocouples as temperature).

Also how can I run the vi continuously for 30,000 samples at 100Hz sampling rate. Could someone help please? 

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There are many many ways to sync those two devices. It's not specific to your problem but this article deals with synchronization in general:


I guess my first question is why do you think the two devices might not be in sync? Maybe get a USB C Series Chassis for the 9237 and use the PC timing.


My next instinct would be to move away from the 6321. You certainly could get very similar functionality with something like an ni-9205. Then you could get both in the same chassis and it would be likely everything would work out great.


Regarding the programming, I would just use a for loop. So, if you grabbed 100 samples per loop at 100Hz, you just need to set your for loop to 3000 iterations and you'll be on your way.

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Thank you very much nanocyte 

Your reply was helpful a lot.

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Thank you very much nanocyte

that was helpful.

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