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Storing data directly to network drive from RT target cDAQ 9138


I am running a cDAQ 9138 with current measurement modules and would like to be able to save data directly to a network drive. 

VI's are written in Labview 2018 - 32 bit (could use 64 if required, but there doesn't appear to SQL functionality) and the RT has NI-DAQmx 14 installed.

Ideally data can either be stored in TDMS format, or written straight into an SQL database (without having to buy 3rd party s/w like Raima)


Data needs to be written directly - without a host computer, so network shared variables aren't an option.


Is it possible to write straight to a network drive from a RT target?

Or does anyone know where there is a free library to write straight into an SQL db?





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By SQL do you mean mySQL? There's a library for that: By network drive you mean a SMB server? I don't know of a tool for that. If the network drive uses WebDAV or FTP then, yes, LabVIEW has that.
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