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Start a VI in the RT target from a VI in Host PC



Learning RT applications...  I would like to acquire data using PC + RTOS + FPGA combination. My first VI is in the PC, to read a set of shared variables located in RT target, by TCP/IP. These shared variables are updated by a second VI that runs in the RT target. There is one more VI that runs in FPGA, whose reference is used in the second VI.


Everything works fine but to begin every time, I need to start both the VIs (one in the PC and the one in the RT target) individually from the project explorer.  (Not using application builder yet).  At this stage, I would like to run the VI in RT engine via the VI in PC, so that I can just open one VI and run it.


Any help pls?










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You can do that using VI server. Search to know more about VI server.

This can be of help to you.


You can also find examples and help using VI server in LabVIEW Help.

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Many thanks..  will try it out.





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