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Set for building vibration measure

I'm looking for building vibration equipment. I will measure vibration in the range 0 - 100 Hz.

I need one triaxial accelerometer: PCB 356B18, NI Part Number 784815-01.
Is this a difference between measure with PXI or CompactDAQ?

Is this enough to use Chassis cDAQ-9171 with module NI-9230 with triaxial accelerometer PCB 356B18 (784815-01) to get frequency-domain anlysis on my computer? Do I need something else?
What will be the difference between NI-9230 and NI-9234. How important is analog input voltage range and what it's impact for accurancy of measurement?
What will be the difference if I use PXIe-1071 chassis with module PXIe-4463? Will the measure be better with PXI? Or maybe enough will be USB-4431?

Please help me with choosing the set.

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