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Sensor reading (Wheatstone bridge) with myRIO-1900



I have a question. Is it possible to connect a force sensor (FUTEK MODEL LLB130) to the myRIO-1900?.


The other force sensors are connected to the NI 9237 as follows:



But for technical reasons, I need to connect another force sensor (FUTEK MODEL LLB130) to the myRIO-1900. According to the following connection diagram:


Is there a problem in making the connections the measurements in this way?


Thank you. A greeting.

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You can use AI+ and AI- but for excitation 5V and GND are not best option.

Try to check what kind of source is needed to be applied to the sensor.


This article should be helpful.

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Wheat stone bridge  using my Rio ..can you send the pic labview ....block diagram  and front pannel  .......and pin selection  also.....its emergency  ..pls send me email  

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Good morning,
In the end we have had problems, because the output of the sensor is millivolts per volt applied. That is to say, if you apply 5V to the sensor, a maximum of 5mV comes out at the analog output. You need an amplifier to pass this signal mV to V.


Sensor : TSS400 FUTEK

Signal Conditioner : Status SEM1600 Signal Conditioner



The block diagram  and front pannel, is in FPGA :







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