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Real-Time Measurement and Control

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I'm trying to detect connected and running cRIO in the local network based on the status (Connected - Running/Disconnected). Reason I'm doing it like this is, that when the device is powered off, it still can be found by Find


Snipped in the attachment basically does what I'm looking for, but I'm having problem with the Initialize which takes from 6s to 50s, when the device is not connected or powered off. No problem when the device is connected and powered on.


Does anyone know why Initialize takes so much time?

Could you recommend other solution to searching for cRIO?



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It may take that long, because Initialize waits for a confirmation from the cRIO, but as the cRIO is not powered on, it waits until timeout event occurs

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if you are trying to detect if a certain cRIO is connected, you can implement a heartbeat monitoring using a dedicated shared variable, which can store the time it has been modified,  and by checking that time you can make sure if the RIO is online.




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Hi hy_,


I understand this and would say that it is expected behavior, but Initialize has Connect Timeout (4000 ms) input, which does not seems to work.


To your second reply:

Once I successfully connect to cRIO, I'm monitoring "vital" functions. So this is handled. But the problem is when I'm starting the Main Host application and searching for particular device, which might be powered off if the user forgot to have device powered on and connected prior to starting Main Host application.

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According to specifications, initialize session can take longer than the specified timeout in some occasions.

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Yes, so some occasion seems to be the basic one, when the device is not connected.


Is there any other way to detect online cRIO except using Initialize and Status System property?


The other one was already reported to moderator.

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Accepted by topic author Duri

We can set a static IP address on cRIO and ping it to check whether it's online

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Well, shame on me.



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glad to assist you ❤️

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